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Tahiti, French Polynesia

Kristi Dreibergs

Tahiti is one of the most beautiful and unique places we have ever been. From the crystal-clear water, the dreamy turquoise lagoons, the over water bungalows, the lush green mountains, the great surf, the amazing wildlife, to the sparkling waterfalls it really has everything you could possibly want in a tropical holiday.


French Polynesia is the type of place you can either take it slow with the laid-back island culture or you can pack it full of incredible activities and experiences. Michael and I spent two weeks in French Polynesia. The first part of our trip we stayed with friends in the Puna’auia region in Tahiti. (If we didn’t stay with friends we would have stayed at the InterContinental)

Here we spent time:

Exploring beautiful local beaches

Eating at food trucks

Surfing the outer reefs

SUP paddling around the lagoons

Watching incredible sunsets (with Mo’orea as the backdrop)

Eating fresh fish, sashimi & poisson cru.


We did two different day trips from this area. One was to an incredible private island. We got here via boat. When we arrived, we swam, drank beers & fresh coconuts, made beautiful flower crowns, explored the island and relaxed. It was amazing.


The other day trip was to the Papava region where we checked out the very cool black sand beaches and sipped cocktails at the Le Tahiti by Pearl Resorts (This spot would be nice to stay if you want to spend time exploring this side of the island). The drive here was so lush and green, and we stopped along the way taking photos and exploring.


Next, we headed to Teahupo'o. Teahupoʻo is a village on the southwestern coast of Tahiti and it is an absolute MUST spot to stay and experience. It is famous for the surf break. The waves are heavy, glassy & offshore. We went here for a photo shoot for a week with one of Michael’s major sponsors; Starboard. It was one of the best weeks ever. We had two Airbnb's and spent the week with the best group of people.


Most of the week was spent on an epic boat captained by local Matahi Drollet. He took us to the best reefs surfing, paddling SUPS, snorkelling, swimming and exploring. It was such an incredible way to check out the lagoons and soak up the beauty of Tahiti. We highly recommend doing this!


One of the most incredible experiences was when we paddled out to Teahupo’o and watched everyone catching some gnarly waves. We jumped on the boat once we got there, and we were able watch everyone getting barrelled. It was awesome, and if you can, be sure to do that too!


When we weren’t out on the boat, we were exploring the mountains and waterfalls. It was so lush and so beautiful. Swimming in the waterfall was so refreshing and tranquil. Whilst exploring, we came across the most magical wild horses that we fed and hung out with. It was such a beautiful moment.


In summary Tahiti is one of the coolest and most scenic places ever & you need to add it to the top of your list to visit.  


Next up we headed to Bora Bora, but more on that to come!


With love,


Kristi & Michael xx



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