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Kristi Dreibergs

We did a Road trip around Ireland and it was such an incredible experience. Ireland is filled with vibrant cities surrounded by the most beautiful, lush and green scenery. The cliffs and countryside are a real highlight in Ireland.  The culture is thriving & the pubs are unreal. Glasses are filled to the brim with Guinness, folk music is playing, and everyone is cheerful and friendly. So here it is, our guide to an Irish road trip.  


The first stop was:


Dublin (Ireland):

Dublin is such a fun city! It has a really enjoyable vibe and culture.

We stayed in a hotel, which was in the PERFECT location. We got lucky and nailed it, as we didn’t really have any idea where to stay. It was called the Clayton hotel and was on Burlington road.

Favourite place to eat:

Down the road & walking distance from the hotel was the best restaurant called the Canal bank café, we went here for all our meals: We had the best ever spicy buffalo chicken wings (you must try them), and all their mains were amazing. I had the fish and chips and it was some of the best fish and chips I have ever had. They also had great cocktails and Guinness beer! The breakfast here was also really good.

From here and thanks to a tip from the waiters we walked 15 minutes to O’Donoghues bar. The walk was great. The area we were in was really cool, and this part of the city was really nice to walk around.

Best traditional Irish bar:

O'Donoghue's Bar: This pub is one of the best we have been to in the world. It was such an awesome experience. It is one of the oldest bars and is filled with locals and has the best live traditional Irish music. The night we went there had a circle of very jolly, very happy old men, playing amazing Irish music and drinking Guinness. On this same street there are lots of other cool bars to enjoy and check out!

Temple Bar: This pub is a lot busier and filled with a lot more tourists. However, it is still super cool and has live traditional music. It is also is famous for its whisky, beer garden and atmosphere.


From Dublin we drove to Galway. The drive was awesome, so green, so lush and so many horses you could stop to feed!!


Galway (Ireland):

Galway was a very cool, laid back Irish town!


Be sure to spend your evening on quay lane: It is a fun street with good vibes, cool pubs, nice bars, restaurants and local irish music. There was also an incredible guitarist called Cathal Mulhern playing in one of the bars and he was so talented.


From Galway we drove to cork, which was another beautiful & scenic drive!


On The way we stopped at the Cliffs of Moher: The cliffs of Moher are breathtaking. They are 700ft (200m) at their highest point and are seriously a jaw dropping natural attraction.  They are located in the Countryside of Clare along the wild Atlantic Way. They are the kind of sea cliffs that you see in movies and think, that would be incredible to see one day. Very worth adventuring to! Also, fun fact: A scene from Harry Potter and the half-blood prince was filmed here (The one where Harry & Dumbledore go to get the Horcrux in the cave). The Cliffs of Moher have a very unique shape to any other cliffs and mountains we have seen. It has been shaped for thousands of years by the ocean and weather conditions.


From here we continued the road trip through the amazing countryside of Ireland and headed to Cork.


Cork (Ireland):

Where we stayed- We stayed at the most beautiful retreat, called Castlemartyr. Once we got here, we didn’t leave, because it was too good, and there was so much to do!!

The resort is situated in Cork’s woodlands, it is very luxurious and is on 220 acres. The style of this resort is a traditional yet modern manor house that sits adjacent to the ruins of an 800-year-old-castle.

Castlemartyr Resort was officially opened for guests in 2008. Where the grounds and buildings have been tastefully updated and restored . It is a very relaxing, peaceful and elegant place to stay!

Activities to do here:

Spa treatments

Pool overlooking the gardens

Golf course

Trails in the greenest woods

Private places to read, sip wine or play games

Camp fires to sit by at night

Bars to enjoy a couple gins

We left this resort feeling very relaxed after spending time unwinding and enjoying the Irish countryside.


We hope you enjoy Ireland as much as we did!


with love,

The Désirs de Voyage team xx



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