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Corfu, Greece

Kristi Dreibergs

Corfu (Greece):


When travelling to Corfu it is super important to stay some place really nice, like a resort. Look for something that looks NEW & modern. Corfu is quite an old and run-down place. But the beaches, bays and views are beautiful. Nailing the accommodation is crucial. We hired a car, which was is also crucial and a great way to be able to go from place to place. Everything is spread apart, and you will need to drive to get to all the parts worth seeing.  


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Porto Timoni: This is the number 1 thing you should do in Corfu. Hike to the Porto Timoni beach. The view is beautiful from above. It is so unique, to see the different beautiful colours of the water. One side of the bay is green and one is light blue. Take a dip on both sides. (note you can also get a boat across to these bays)


Have dinner at Durrell family whitehouse. It is in such a beautiful part of Corfu. Before or after eating here go swim in the bay right nearby and jump off the jetty. It’s such a nice place to take a dip & relax. You could even spend a day at this bay. If you can’t get in to eat at Durrell’s then eat at any of the restaurants down by the water. They have quite traditional Greek food. One of the reasons this place is so pretty is because of all the alpine trees by the water. It pretty magical. (The bay is called Παραλια Καλαμι)


Hire a boat in an area where there is little wind and cruise around all the different beautiful bays


Paleokastritsa: Very picturesque beach with huge green cliffs surrounding the water. This is a great spot to hire a boat from and visit the sea caves and bays around the area.


Visit a winery


Eat as much Tzatziki, olives, seafood, gyros as possible


Below is a list of nice beaches you can visit. Pick a few and go to ones close to where you are staying. Or pick a few and do them on a beach adventure day. Try go to a mixture, some with lush greenery some with pebbles etc.


Sidari Canal d'Amour beach

Kalami beach

Liapades beach

Agni beach: Access via boat

Glyko beach: A cove

Rovinia beach: Access via boat from Paleokastritsa

Kerasia beach

Pipitos Kassiopi beach

Bataria Kassiopi beach

Kanoni Kassiopi beach

Gardeno beach

Kouloura beach

Peroulades beach

Barbati beach

Kalami beach

Agios Georgios Pagon beach

Ipsos beach

Nissaki beach


We hope you enjoy the greek beaches of Corfu,

with love

Kristi & Michael 




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