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About Désirs de Voyage

Kristi Dreibergs

Welcome to Désirs de Voyage.

Here is a little bit about our brand!

Désirs de Voyage is based in Western Australia and is designed by Kristi Dreibergs.  Her inspiration comes from both travelling and a love for fashion. Kristi has been travelling with her partner Michael for the last 5 years supporting his successful career in SUP. They have created amazing memories and shared incredible experiences.  With travel restrictions leading to a big lifestyle change, it was the perfect opportunity to bring Désirs de Voyage to life.

Travel has inspired the creation of a brand that is complete with the perfect essential pieces for your vacation. Every piece is high quality and offers luxury, comfort and style. As Désirs de Voyage grows we want to provide you the perfect statement pieces that look amazing in your holiday posts!

The name Désirs de Voyage was inspired by a love for the French culture & language. We believe the French language brings the touch of class we want our brand to have. Désirs de Voyage means travel desires in English & our brand revolves around exactly that. The clothing line brings the element of everything you desire to wear on your travels & the blogs brings the element of everywhere you desire to travel to, everywhere you desire to eat and everything you desire to do on your trips!

Whether you desire to walk through Times Square, whilst being dressed to the nines, sip cocktails in the Maldives or eat a freshly baked croissant by the Eiffel Tower, we have you covered with both outfits and tips for these dream trips!

Désirs de Voyage will always offer must-have styles suitable for any time of the year. Whether it is winter or summer, we want to have you covered for anywhere & any climate you choose to adventure to.  

Désirs de Voyage is your one stop spot for all your TRAVEL DESIRES. We want to help you plan and dress for all the vacations you’re yearning to enjoy.


With love  

The Désirs de Voyage team






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